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Have you recently set-up a limited company or are looking to set one up? If so, you'll need some help understanding responsibilities, how you settle your taxes and how to properly fulfil your administrative duties. These can sometimes be quite complicated and will require you to understand your responsibilities as a company director.

 •  Setting up a limited company

 •  Limited company tax advice

 •  Assisting in fulfilling administrative duties

 •  Organising certificates and articles

 •  Planning your taxes and accounting


For help setting up a limited company, ZiPress offers a friendly and useful service that can help incorporate your company, take care of items such as a Certificate of Incorporation, a Memorandum and Articles of Association, and offer tax advice.

For limited company tax advice, call ZiPress on: 

020 8808 1946

Limited company services

Setting up a limited company

If you'd like to get the best accounting advice and services for your company, then ZiPress can help you. Offering a range of accounting services from PAYE, to personal and business accounting, John has the skills and experience to make sure that you're completely up-to-date on all tax related matters. Click the links for more information, or email ZiPress directly.

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