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Do you want help organising your payroll? Whether you've got one employee, or are a large employer we can help you with your payroll services to ensure that PAYE is paid correctly and on time. We also offer advice on how to set-up your PAYE, as well as providing information on what it is and why you need it.

 •  PAYE services

 •  Payroll set-up

 •  National Insurance payment advice

 •  Calculating deductions

 •  Expertise with pensions

 •  Holiday pay


If you're in the creative industries you might only have a few people on your payroll, but ensuring that your PAYE is set-up properly is paramount to your organisation. So, to ensure your employees are getting paid correctly, get in touch with us today.

Call 020 8808 1946 for PAYE help from the money therapist

Here's what we do:

PAYE services

With a range accountancy services for creative industry employees and those outside of the creative industry, we can help you organise your tax payments, provide assistance with self-assessment and help you set up a limited company. Please follow the links for more info.

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